Saturday, September 19, 2009

Schnauzers are on EVO!

Kiba and Stryder have finally finished the 40lb bag of Diamond Natural Lamb & Rice food I bought back in April. Decided to switch them back to EVO. They are getting the yellow bag, "SMALL BITES" one. I calculated it out... a 13.2lb bag of food should last for 24 days, with each dog eating about 1 cup per day. Bag was $23.99 + tax. The diamond was $26.oo and lasted.... 5 months. LOL. Hopefully it cuts back ALOT on all the pooping outside, and clears up peoples ears and helps getting their coats back to normal.

Poodle have a week or two left of their food, gotta decide what to switch them too. Something that will agree with Tsuki more. Just have to figure if it's because of a certain meat protein, need a food with higher/low protein.. etc. I wish the 9lb bags weren't so expensive as we'd try different ones of those to see how it pans out instead of feeding X food for a how month or two. I was going to switch to a food that they could all eat, but I may wait until the poodles are older/stopped growing.

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