Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Food for the Pups!

The poodle pups were running out of food, so I went and picked up a new food yesterday - Innova Puppy. I wanted a grain-free food to hopefully help with Tsuki's poops, and I still wanted to keep them on Puppy food for a little while longer. Hopefully we don't have any tummy upsets to the food change as I had *very* little old food left over. I have rice and chicken on standby if needed.

On another note, we're kicking it into high gear regarding training. I've been in a funk ever since getting back in April and I admit the pups don't know very many commands. As soon as I find my folder this afternoon we'll start. And I figured, while we're at it... why not start everyone over (regarding training).

I'm bringing Stryder to a CERF clinic next Sunday (a week from today). For awhile I think he's been having a problem in low-lighting with seeing... but hopefully it's nothing and I'm just a worrisome mom.. and he's just a dope. LOL

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