Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Food for the Pups!

The poodle pups were running out of food, so I went and picked up a new food yesterday - Innova Puppy. I wanted a grain-free food to hopefully help with Tsuki's poops, and I still wanted to keep them on Puppy food for a little while longer. Hopefully we don't have any tummy upsets to the food change as I had *very* little old food left over. I have rice and chicken on standby if needed.

On another note, we're kicking it into high gear regarding training. I've been in a funk ever since getting back in April and I admit the pups don't know very many commands. As soon as I find my folder this afternoon we'll start. And I figured, while we're at it... why not start everyone over (regarding training).

I'm bringing Stryder to a CERF clinic next Sunday (a week from today). For awhile I think he's been having a problem in low-lighting with seeing... but hopefully it's nothing and I'm just a worrisome mom.. and he's just a dope. LOL

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Schnauzers are on EVO!

Kiba and Stryder have finally finished the 40lb bag of Diamond Natural Lamb & Rice food I bought back in April. Decided to switch them back to EVO. They are getting the yellow bag, "SMALL BITES" one. I calculated it out... a 13.2lb bag of food should last for 24 days, with each dog eating about 1 cup per day. Bag was $23.99 + tax. The diamond was $26.oo and lasted.... 5 months. LOL. Hopefully it cuts back ALOT on all the pooping outside, and clears up peoples ears and helps getting their coats back to normal.

Poodle have a week or two left of their food, gotta decide what to switch them too. Something that will agree with Tsuki more. Just have to figure if it's because of a certain meat protein, need a food with higher/low protein.. etc. I wish the 9lb bags weren't so expensive as we'd try different ones of those to see how it pans out instead of feeding X food for a how month or two. I was going to switch to a food that they could all eat, but I may wait until the poodles are older/stopped growing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Weekly Weigh-In

The fence has been up for only a month now, and I can't believe how much skinnier everyone is. Less food + more exercise = skinny dogs. LOL. I wish there was a calculator of some sort you could apply to bags of dog food, that would figure out how much food per day each specific dog should have. I need to bulk Tsuki up a bit more. I don't need frozen dog skeletons out in the yard this winter. Which also reminds me, I need to get around to finding some sort of snow pants for when I need to shovel their yard, and so I can go out and play with them. Also need to get around to getting the Poodles their winter coats.

Kiba is 16.5 lbs right now... having lost a total of 3.5 lbs this month!!
Stryder is 20.5 lbs right now... having lost 2.5 lbs!!
Tsuki is 6.5 lbs right now... having lost 0.5 lbs!!
And Lincoln is at 11.5 lbs right now... having lost 0.5 lbs!!

To be fair for the poodles... they just keep freakin growing! Lincoln is now closer to Stryder sized... and is about a head taller than Kiba. Tsuki's got a bit taller as well. She's finally growing into her chest (which both of theirs sprung out last week) and not looking like a body builder anymore. LOL.

Everyone's training is coming along good. Yesterday the poodles starting asking to go outside! Also started their agility training too. Hope to kick it into high-gear soon!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Melting!!!!

9/1 Weigh In:

= Kiba has lost 1/2 pound since last week, 1 1/2 pounds total
= Stryder is still 21 1/2 lbs since last week, 1 1/2 pounds total
= Tsuki has gained 1/2 pound since last week, and is back at her starting weight
= Lincoln has gained 1/2 pound since last week, and is a pound heavier than his starting weight.

Tsuki and Lincoln as still skinny as ever... I guess going through another spurt this week. I remember both is teeny little things I could scoop up in one hand. Lincoln is bigger in size than Kiba, almost to Stryder's size. I'm tempted, just for giggles, to register him as a Standard Poodle. LOL