Monday, August 17, 2009

They're Melting!!!!

So as of yesterday, the fence has been up for a week. It's soooo much easier just opening the door and kicking them out versus hooking up the schnauzers to the drag line and putting the puppies in the x-pen. Not to mention that the last couple of days Lincoln starting escaping FROM the x-pen... silly dog. No attempts have been made as of yet.

Last Sunday stats were:
Kiba - 19 pounds
Stryder - 23 pounds
Tsuki - 7 pounds
Lincoln - 11 pounds
Me - X pounds (no I'm not telling you)

As of this morning:
Kiba - 18.5 pounds (-0.5)
Stryder - 22 pounds (-1)
Tsuki - 6 pounds (-1)
Lincoln - 11 pounds
Me - (+2.5 pounds)

To be fair, Lincoln feels a bit *thicker* in his upper chest and I think he's doing another growth spurt (he'll be 9 months on the 27th). At this rate, he'll be classified as a Standard versus being a Miniature (go figure from having Toy parents). Tsuki will forever be a toy, not including the fact that she's about 75% stuffed animal anyways... And she just turned 9 months this past Friday. Still waiting for her to go into heat (no, not breeding her).

I'm hoping it starts cooling off soon and that the woods start to die so we can visit our hiking trails. Would love to bring all 4 with me off-leash, but I don't think it's really feasible... hmmm... maybe if I tied a pup to each of the big dogs...

Oh and on a side note, Tsuki has been having less and less accidents in her crate. I think having the fenced-in yard is helping. I'm hoping I can get her a Tsuki-sized crate with this weeks check, and may just go ahead and get a suspended wire floor thing for her. Also no accidents in the house as well, and they are let loose with me for most of the day. Hoping to get a bell soon and hang it on the back door and teach them ringing = going outside to potty.

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