Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trial Socialization

Took everyone to an agility trial yesterday in Deerfield, NH (Bo-Gee trial). Want them to get used to the sounds and smells of it. Wish there were some indoor trials they could attend to, but we'll figure something out.

Schnauzers got uber hot, so they stayed in my friend's RV, they remembered Denise and Todd and were all LOVE ME. Hahaha. Tsuki and Lincoln (think probably because they're not so dark) did ALOT of walking. They were kinda bummed they didn't get to play with anyone (weren't any other puppies, but to be fair it was hot outside..). Lincoln carried the same stick around ALL FREAKIN DAY. It was SO adorable. Even pooped while holding it.

They're still tuckered out today, let them play outside later but won't overdue it. Lincoln only ate part of his breakfast and buried the bowl under a towel.. ah... as I write this he has finished it. Stryder was also being a jerkface and growling at him wanting to get his food (Silly Stryder.. he's in a CRATE. You can't get it... and I highly doubt he's gonna hand it to you...).

Lincoln is finally not barking in his crate when I leave the room! Not sure about long periods... as I'm not home. Tempted to get a web cam soon to see if he is or not. Next gonna work on being quiet if I have Tsuki out (he usually starts barking) and seeing if she'll be quiet vice versa. Also will start on training everyone to ring bell by door to go outside to potty so puppies can have more free time in the house running around other than after going potty, or being in the kitchen (rest of the house is carpeted). And if neither barks when the other leave (even though they are now crated separately) we'll start on commands and such. And doing more work outside on the agility stuff.

Busy busy beavers we are! I'm hoping I find a job soon, but meanwhile I'm having fun chilling with all the dogs every day!

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